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♥ Soft Tissue Therapy

Swedish    “Traditional Western” massage, that uses light to moderate pressure to enhance circulation, reduce tension, and promote relaxation.

Modalities may be layered on top of or blended into your session to address your specific needs, focus areas, imbalances, injuries, tendencies, pain or ailments

Sports    A vigorous massage focusing on the particular muscles relevant to your athletic activity.  This massage is ideal to prepare an athlete for peak performance, drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, and prevent injuries.

Deep Tissue    Ideal for those who are physically active or who receive bodywork frequently.  A combination of techniques that use greater depth and pressure to relieve stress and tension.

Lomi Lomi    This ancient Hawaiian healing art uses moderate pressure in long sweeping strokes to quiet & cleanse the mind and body.

Structural Integration    Works directly with the facial system (also known as connective tissue) to align the muscle, bone, and structures of the body.  Structural Integration helps the body to properly function and work together with gravity.

Neuromuscular Therapy    Re-patterns the nerves or trigger points to release the contraction in a muscle, so it may return back to neutral.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation    Reciprocal innervations, causes one muscle to relax as its antagonist muscle contracts.

Skin Rolling    Creates space in the connective tissue between the muscle and skin

Sensory Repatterning    Uses undulations and slow motion to facilitate change in the body

Nei Gong Gee Liao    External Qi Gong to balance the meridians

Tui Na    Integrates acupressure and massage by using a variety of traditional Chinese hand techniques including “Shanghai Style” rolling

Traditional Thai    Combines aspects of yogic stretches and passive movement, acupressure, and compressions along the Sen energy lines

Seitai Shiatsu    Combines the use of pressure on the tsubos (acupuncture points) with various strokes of massage, developed by Master Kiyoshi Kato

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