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MELT® Can Help You Move Better and Live a Strong Healthy Pain-Free Life.   

It’s a bold statement but with this revolutionary technique, Melt Method Teachers are making a healthier, pain-free body accessible to anyone. Countless other programs focus on strengthening muscles or increasing flexibility, but MELT is the first to recognize the crucial role of the body's connective tissue. 

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Whether you are a body builder, a marathon runner, a yogi, or someone who has to be reminded to step away from your computer screen, we all want to take care of our bodies on all levels.  Most of us think about bones and muscles, cardio, weights, and stretching, but the big question researchers and the creator of the MELT Method having been asking is "what holds it all together"?  The answer, "connective tissue" (aka fascia). 

MELT is a self-care technique that lengthens and heals the connective tissue, one of the most abundant yet more neglected systems of the human body.  The connective tissue functions as your body’s girders that allows you to transmit movements from muscles to bones and suspends your internal organs in their proper place.  The simple movements you make every day, from walking to bending down to tie your shoes, are aided by connective tissue. Without proper therapeutic treatments, common daily stressors and patterns can reside within your connective tissue and become “stuck stress”.  

Through a series of easy to learn, precise techniques that use soft body rollers and specialized balls, this innovative therapy quickly rehydrates connective tissue, which allows the body to release long-held tension. This "stuck stress" – created by the repetitive motions and postures of daily living – is the true cause of most common aches, pains, and chronic symptoms. MELT also rebalances the nervous system and boosts the body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms.

MELT can help you eliminate chronic pain, ease the signs of aging, and feel fantastic in as little as 10 minutes a day! MELT has worked for thousands of people. And now it can work for you.  

We offer both group MELT classes and workshops as well as private lessons, pre-hab and rehab session.

Live your best, most youthful, vibrant life possible. Free yourself of chronic pain, be healthy and active, so you may continue to do what you love for a lifetime in happiness and good health... MELT!

"How the MELT Method Is Bringing Bodies back into Balance" ~ Huffington Post article featuring our very own San Diego Pain and Performance Manual Osteopath & MELT Teacher, Roeshan Shadravan.

Weekly MELT classes: 

6 pm Monday evenings in Solana Beach at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club 92075

9 am Thursday mornings in Encinitas at Yoga Tropics West 92024

Upcoming MELT workshops:  visit our full class schedule & workshop tab for details

Whether you are looking to reduce the physical effects of pain, job stress or aging, recover from an injury, or improve your athletic performance, MELT can offer your body the attention and guidance you need to see immediate improvement and reach your long-term wellness goals.

MELT improves:
• flexibility & mobility
• posture, stability & balance
• athletic preformance
• range of motion
• sleep & digestion
• overall well-being

MELT reduces:
• aches & pains
• risk of injury & inflammation
• plantar fasciitis & carpel tunnel syndrome
• headaches, joint and muscle stiffness/cramping/tension
• neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee pain and compression

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